Skate Proud

A movement. A community.

S​kate Proud is about a community inside of an already small community such as the figure skating World. 

It's about supporting one another and be more united than ever.


Figure skating has given us great opportunities, traveling the World and making friends from all different countries and becoming a small family.

We are openly LGBTQ+ figure skaters, and when we were growing up, we did lack of a place or platform where we could find support and references. 

This is the place where we can all contribute and make it a safe space for future generations. 

Whether you identify your self as an LGBTQ+ figure skater, a friend or an ally, you can be part of the movement. 

You can start now by following Skate Proud on all the social media platforms, posting a positive message supporting this movement and most importantly, take action!

How can you take action?

During this month of June, the month of pride, we will be conducting Instagram Live chats with different figure skaters around the World, so if you want to share your story, we are waiting for you. 

Reach to us and be part of Skate Proud, now and always!